Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary Inaugural (AGM) 2019

After many months of planning, the big day was there with us. Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary Inaugural (Annual General Meeting ) and it went without saying the biggest event in the Societies’ calendar.  Key objectives form the meeting complimented our Vision Statement and the current strategic plan, in that we serve the public interest through leadership, cooperation, and innovation, with a focus on community priorities and strengths, we will seek to capitalize on our position along BC’s coastline.

To this, we will be continuing to improve upon our success and reputation, and maintain an effective SAR capabilities, resources, and operational processes. It is CN-CGA’s intent to develop impactful partnerships that fall within our mandate and allow us to remain true to our cause. It is our goal to meet the needs of our future generations by leveraging new opportunities so that we are here as long as possible and remain relevant to the needs of our communities.

Mission Ready!